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  • Never worry that your installation won’t be secure enough thanks to a built-in belt tensioner to ensure your seatbelt installation is tight as can be
  • And adjustable support leg provides stability and reduces movement in the event of a collision



  • Install the car seat base once and you’ll have ongoing easy ins and outs with compatible car seats including gemm™ and juva™ 
  • Take the guesswork out of installation thanks to colour-coded installation indicators that let you know the base’s stability leg has been properly installed
  • When not in use, the load leg stores tidily under the base 
  • Quick release button pops your compatible car seat off the base in one second, making it easy-peasy to maneuver baby in and out of the car without waking or disturbing their peace



  • Usage: with compatible infant carriers: Child weight less than 13kg, approx 12 months
  • Installs using the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt 

Product Weight: 7.53 kg


Testing Certification: ECE R44/04


Product Size: l 67 x w 35 x h 41.5-90.5 cm

how to & support
  The Joie clickFIT child car seat base in profile, with an infant car seat installed on the base. Two orange arrows overlap the car seat, pointing up.

easier ins & outs

ClickFIT™ makes ins and outs a delightful experience every time thanks to a quick release button that allows you to pop your little one off the base and out of the vehicle in one swift motion, while keeping them snug as bug in their carrier.

 Closeup of the vehicle belt lockoff device on Joie’s clickFIT car seat base.

simple & secure installation

Our built-in vehicle belt guide and tensioner will help you get an extra firm installation without the unnecessary hassle.

 Joie clickFIT car seat base at an angle, with an inset closeup of the load leg installation indicator.

easy & exact

Take the guesswork out of installation thanks to colour-coded installation indicators that let you know the car seat’s load leg is properly secured and ready to stabilize your car seat.

no such thing as too safe

Your baby gear should work hard for you every single day. That’s why we push our products to the extreme during testing: We want to make sure they’re up for any challenge you may face.

super strength materials

We use only high-quality materials in creating your gear: like aero-grade aluminium, super-strength steel and undiluted plastics.