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As a parent you want to leave home with peace of mind, which is why we’ve thought of everything:

  • Guard Surround Safety™ panels deliver the extra head and neck protection to keep your little one safe in the event of a side impact
  • Smart Ride™ rearward facing lock-off makes sure nobody accidentally spins your wee ones to a forward facing position
  • Steel reinforced ISOFIX connectors fit in seconds and keep your car seat fixed firmly in place so you never need to worry about installing securely
  • 5-point harness and one-pull tightening for the perfect fit, no matter how much wriggling is going on
  • Tri-Protect headrest and Intelli-Fit memory foam offers triple safety and absorbency where it matters most
  • Install Indicators provide a clear visual so you can feel confident your car seat and child are safe and secure



Make the little one snug and comfy and you’ll be at your destination in what feels like no time:

  • Integrated side vents keep the air flowing and your new arrival cool
  • Deluxe cushioning adds an extra layer of comfort to the deep recline for the snuggliest of snoozing
  • 3-piece infant insert offers a custom fit so you know the harness and buckles are secure against smaller children



We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to:

  • 360º seat rotation offers effortless ins and outs that will make every trip that little bit easier
  • Get a secure and stable fit in any vehicle with a 19-position support leg to absorb forces and provide extra stability in the event of a collision
  • On-the-go recline is the smart way to get a restless passenger dozing off
  • Works all the way from birth to approximately 4 years
  • Simple Swivel™ turning activator is always within reach for easy rotations



  • Use rear and forward facing
  • Child height
    • rearward facing: 40-105cm, less than 19kg, approx birth to 4 years
    • forward facing: 76-105cm, less than 19kg, approx 15 months to 4 years
  • Installs with ISOFIX

To comply with the ECE R44 OR ECE R129 car seat regulations of this car seat, we've included the weight/height at which the car seat can turn forward. However, we strongly encourage keeping your little one rear-facing as long as possible by maxing out the recommended rear-facing usage of the car seat. 


Product Weight: 13.9 kg 


Testing Certification: ECE R129/02 and i-Size certification


Product Size (when rear facing): l 65 x w 58 x h 51.5-62 cm 

Product Size (when forward facing): l 65 x w 58 x h 62-76 cm 


how to & support
  Mom spinning toddler daughter to rearfacing position in a black I-Spin 360 car seat.

smoother ins & outs

Save yourself the struggle and fuss… Our SimpleSwivel™ turning activator is perfectly placed for one-handed operation. This makes it easy for you to simply spin the car seat to you, place baby, spin back to a safe traveling position, and get on the go without breaking a sweat.

 Closeup of the rearfacing lockoff button on the Joie I-Spin 360 car seat base.

keep them rearward

Smart Ride™ lockoff is the reassurance you need if your little one will be moving between different carers and cars. Joie’s Smart Ride™ lock-off prevents the i-Spin 360 from being accidently spun to a forward-facing position and ensures your little one will always ride rearward facing until you’re ready for them to be forward facing. No matter who puts them in or which car they’re traveling in.

 Closeup of side impact protection wing on a black Joie I-Spin 360 car seat.

protection from side to side

Our Guard Surround Safety™ panels auto-engage when the harness is tightened to act as an extra layer of protection for their head and neck in the event of a side impact. Just what every parent wants to hear when it’s time to get from A to B the safe way.

    Joie I-Spin 360 spinning car seat in black in profile facing to the left and fully reclined.

the perfect amount of recline

This deep recliner with 6 recline positions in both rear and forward facing modes nestles your baby in comfort while snoozing so you can keep going even when they can't.

no such thing as too safe

Your baby gear should work hard for you every single day. That’s why we push our products to the extreme during testing: We want to make sure they’re up for any challenge you may face.

super strength materials

We use only high-quality materials in creating your gear: like aero-grade aluminium, super-strength steel and undiluted plastics.