Q: Are baby carriers safe?

A: Not only are baby carriers safe, but they’re also beneficial to baby’s developing spine by reducing pressure on tiny hips and backs.  Our Savvy 4in1 and Savvy Lite 3in1 are carefully engineered to cradle your infant’s naturally C-shaped spine, hugging them in their favourite fetal position that’s best for developing (and snuggling!)  Plus, our carriers’ specially designed support lets your little one sit with knees raised in an ergonomic M-shaped position that promotes healthy back and hip development.

Q: Are carriers safe for my baby’s hips?

A: Yes! Joie carriers have been certified hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Optimal support lets your little one sit smart in an ergonomic M-shaped position that promotes healthy spine and hip development. With baby’s knees raised and hips opened, they’ll be perfectly positioned for both cuddling and growing.

Q: Are Joie carriers machine washable?

A: Yes!  Just stick the carrier in a laundry bag and it’ll all come clean in the washing machine. Just dealing with a little dribble? The absorbent infant bib snaps off and into the wash to get you out of a mess.

Q: Are there instruction videos for Savvy?

A: Visual learners, we’ve got your backs with instructional videos that demonstrate how to best use Savvy. See how to adjust for a perfect fit and carry your little one in any of the four modes by visiting our website or the Savvy youtube video.

Q: Can I breastfeed in Joie carriers?

A: No – because our carriers is designed with multiple supports to keep the baby secure, you cannot breastfeed while wearing baby in the carrier as they will be too closely secured to your body in order to ensure an ergonomic carrying position.

Q: Can I buy Joie Savvy in any retail stores?

A: Yes – we’re excited to offer Savvy at select retail locations, so you can see how soft and simple it is in person!  However, with restrictions due to COVID you may want to reach out to your local shops to check their policies before visiting.

Q: Can I put the carrier on and take it off by myself?

A: Babywearing shouldn’t be a puzzle. Joie carriers make it a snap with clever magnetic buckles on the shoulder straps and simple fastenings that allow you to easily put on and adjust the carrier by yourself, no extra set of hands required.


Need a visual? Feel free to access our Youtube instructional video that demonstrates how to put the carrier on and buckle baby into each of the modes.

Q: Can my partner and I use the same baby carrier?

A: Yes! Joie carriers are built for all shapes and sizes, with adjustment buckles that slide quickly and easily for a hassle-free tailor-made fit.

Q: How can I make sure my baby is safe and secure in a body carrier?

A: Check that all of your straps are properly fastened and tightened, so both you and baby feel secure.  Position your infant so that their spine creates a “C” shape and their legs and hips create an “M” shape (see above.)  Once you and baby are comfortable, you can carry on!

Q: What are the benefits of soft structured carriers versus wraps and slings?

A: We’re big fans of babywearing no matter the method, but soft structured carriers do hold certain benefits. With simple shoulder straps and fuss-free adjustment buckles instead of a complicated wrapping and knotting process, soft structured carriers are easy to master (which makes them perfect for first-time parents!)  Just pop the structured carrier over your shoulders and give the waist belt a quick tweak for a comfortable fit, and you’re ready to tuck baby in and move on without wondering whether you’re carrying them securely.  While wraps and slings are time-honored babywearing tools, they tend to be less intuitive and take a bit more time and concentration to wear correctly.

Q: What are the minimum and maximum waist belt and shoulder strap lengths?

A: Joie carriers are a “one size fits all” product that actually lives up to its claim, spanning from Women’s XS to Men’s 2XL.


Savvy waistband: 56-148 cm

Savvy Lite waistband: 56-170 cm