Q: Can I buy direct from Joie?

A: We do not sell any Joie products direct in this region – all our sales are managed through our trusted retail partners. Please visit our shop locator to find a retailer near you. 

Q: I need an accessory or spare part. Where can I find these?

A: If you purchased your Joie product from one of our retail partners, please reach out to the retailer for assistance – since your contract of sale is with them, they will be best placed to assist you with repair or spare parts needs. If you purchased your product from the Joie online shop, please send us a message here and our customer service team will be happy to assist.

Q: Is there a warranty on my Joie product?

A:Product warranty varies by region and is subject to local regulations. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase, and contact the retailer from which you purchased your receipt for warranty inquiries.

Q: I’ve lost my instruction manual. Can I get a new one?

A: You can find a digital instruction manual for your product on the product detail page under "How To & Support". Please use the search function to find your product.